111228 – Al-Taybeh Secondary Comprehensive School

The project started mid of July 2015, and UNOPS was requested to fully furnish the school before the beginning of the schools year. The school year started at Al-Taybeh School on 15 September 2015, following the completion of the handover of the School from the construction contractor to Irbid Education Directorate on 7 September 2015. The school was linked to the water network and electricity grid on 10 September 2015.
Following are the major activities implemented by UNOPS :


With reference to the agreement between USAID and UNOPS, all requested pieces of furniture were delivered to the school. However, during the “in-site” inspection some items were found incompliant with the needed quality, therefore UNOPS had asked the supplier to replace those items. Currently, all of the furniture has been appropriately provided to the school except for a few cabinets which still need to be adjusted by no later than 8 October 2015. The contract for these was awarded to one company named “Regeneration of Industries Co.” with a total amount of approximately USD 87,000

ICT Equipment

All ICT equipment including but not limited to laptops, desktops, projectors, and interactive boards were purchased, fully delivered, and fully installed in the school in accordance with the agreed quality. The contract was split between two companies (Jordan Business Systems, and Khalifeh Advanced Est.) with a total combined amount of approximately USD 102,000.
On the last visit with USAID on 21 September 2015, it was noted that the projector’s screen in the multi-purpose room is relatively small considering the size of the room, accordingly, UNOPS was asked to replace the screen with a larger one, the screen was replaced and installed on the 8 October 2015 and the teachers were trained on the operating and usage of the projector and screen.

Laboratories’ Equipment

The contact was awarded to the companies “Imdad Total Site Services” which was contracted to supply the chemistry lab equipment, “Dar Al Oloom Corp.” which was contracted to deliver equipment for the physics, biology, and geology labs, and “Europe Institution for Kitchens and Rest” which was responsible for furnishing the pre-vocational lab. The cumulative amount of the contracts is around USD 42,514. Currently, the chemistry lab’s equipment are in place pending some few items that needed to be replaced, the delivery for the pre-vocational lab was on 01 October 2015, that followed by the bulk delivery on the 5 October 2015 of 50% of physics lab, 85% of biology lab and all the equipment and instrument of geology lab except two items. The due date for delivery of the remaining lab equipment is 20 November 2015.


A tender was launched for the provision and installation of curtains, with a closing date on 29 September 2015, the selected supplier promised to complete the delivery and installation by the end of October 2015.

Additional Requirements

On 21 September 2015, a site visit was conducted to Al-Taybeh school by USAID and UNOPS. During the site visit, some additional items were requested by the school’s principle and USAID approved and requested that UNOPS purchase the following items:


  • Kitchen cabinets and utensils, counters, and cabinets for the kitchen workshop, and cosmetic workshop; 
  • Musical instruments; 
  • Nursery room furniture; 
  • Electronic items (washing machine, fridges, TV, stoves, microwave); 
  • Beauticians’ equipment 
  • Sewing Machines 
  • Educational Dolls for special needs. 
  • USAID requested purchasing two branding plaques to be installed in the entrance of the school and to remove the industrial sockets that installed in the middle of the labs and replace them by standard sockets on both walls, UNOPS contacted the construction contractor and asked him for quotation to implement the work together with any associated civil work that might be needed. 

All the above requirements were completed by the 31 October 2015. As for the  kitchens’ requirements, it was agreed to finalize these no later than 15 November 2015


This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of UNOPS concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries