JSP – Jordan School Project – 17 Schools

In 2016, USAID requested UNOPS to assess 25 schools under the Jordan School Construction and Rehabilitation Program (JSP) and their need for computer labs and general/comprehensive scientific labs. Therefore, UNOPS simultaneously conducted the needs assessments for these school labs and accordingly recommended and provided ICT equipment (computers, printers, interactive whiteboards and projectors) to the computer labs at the following JSP schools:

1. Be’er Aldabaghat Boys Primary School
2. Rujom Al-Shami Al Gharbi Boys Primary School
3. Jaber Bin Haian Primary Boy’s School
4. Salhoob Comprehensive Secondary School

UNOPS also provided the following 13 JSP schools with general/comprehensive scientific lab equipment:

1. Um Al-Orooq Co-ED Primary School
2. Al-Kamsha Boys Secondary School
3. Oqba Bin Naf’e Boys Secondary School
4. Ebben Boys Primary School
5. Halimeh Al Sa’adyeh Secondary Girls School
6. Al-Mutasem Boys Primary School
7. Dogra Co-ED Primary School
8. Saidor Boys Primary School
9. Al-Kom Al-Ahmar Girls Secondary School
10. Rawdet Al-Amir Hamzeh Secondary Boys School
11. Mleih Girls Primary School
12. Al-Adnaniya Co-Ed Primary School
13. Banat grain Co-Ed Primary School